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Qingyuan Juhang Optical Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: QJOM).


Qingyuan Juhang Optical Materials Co., Ltd. (QJOM) was founded in 2016 to produce infrared tranmitting chalcolgenide glasses that are used as optical materials for various applications such as night vision systems, infrared optical fibers and so on. QJOM has developed the technology based on 20-years research experience in chalcogenide glasses, and built the facility capable of fabricating 1,000 Kg. of chalcogenide glasses per year.Currently QJOM can offer a broad range of chalcogenide glasses with different size to meet your manufacturing needs. Our chalcogenide glasses are built with precision, in accordance with the highest quality standards.



Qingyuan Juhang Optical Material Co., Ltd. can provide new components infrared chalcogenide glass materials to meet the individual requirements of customers in addition to the four products: As2Se3 (known as IG6), Ge-Sb-Se (known as IG5), As2S3, and Ge-As-Se (such as IG 2 and IG4). At the same time, the company also provides infrared chalcogenide glass lens processing and coating services, providing one-stop service from material design, production to lens processing.